Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings


Customer-first innovation for a better life

NPAC is committed to a strategy of co-creation with customers, for customers, in our approach towards innovative excellence to unlock opportunities and deliver value that improves lives every day. We continue to build this commitment on the foundation of pivoting our resources in the areas of digitalisation, talent and people to drive our competitive advantage in product innovation and process efficiency.


Advancing the planet-positive agenda

Climate change is one of the greatest challenges of our time, and NPAC recognises our role in managing our environmental resources.

NPAC’s environmental approach strives to embed eco-efficiency within our operations while maintaining overall productivity. To do so, we work closely with our people to improve processes and conceive solutions that help us meet our planet-positive commitment. This also involves engaging with suppliers across our supply chain to influence positive change. Based on this belief, we advance various initiatives. It will also build a sustainable business by actively using innovative technologies.

Key drivers for sustainability

Ongoing projects:

  • C02 reduction through new paint technology able to cure at lower temperatures or based on alternative crosslinking technology using EB or UV curing
  • VOC reduction through higher solid content with less solvent released into the atmosphere
  • Development of paint that can be printed (no overspray and high solid content)
  • Use of bio-based raw material
tree for sustainability