Interior Systems

NPAC Europe’s interior monocoat systems combine robustness with aesthetic appeal to a variety of interior components such as the instrument panel or glove compartment cover.

Our technology provides direct adhesion to a variety of plastic substrates such as PP or ABS, combining ease of use with proven performance against chemical and physical impact.

Carefully Formulated

Our interior technology systems are carefully formulated and underpinned by many years of industry knowledge.

This ensures the finish has a wide range of tactile effects like “soft touch” whilst still providing high chemical and scratch resistance.

This gives depth and warmth to the plastic substrates giving the cockpit a very appealing finish. Available in waterborne and solventborne technology.

automotive interiors

NPAC produces several waterborne and specially-designed low VOC (toluene and xylene-free) solventborne paints (technologies) for coating the instrument panel and other interior parts to meet almost all OEM specifications.

Door Parts

Selection point: Abrasion resistance