Research & Development

Analysing The Trends

Colour is part of our daily life. Subconsciously we don’t notice it, but it influences our mood and contributes to our personality.

As such, colour in the automotive industry plays a major part in the purchasing decision. Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings (NPAC) is part of this!

By analysing trends and developing new colours for the automotive industry, we are a major influence on the success story of automotive paint trends. Our team of experts use their knowledge and skills to transfer designer wishes into real, industrialised paints.

analysing the trends

NPAC's R&D Focus

OUR GOAL: Inspire and Support Automotive Designers

Our expertise in line and mass-production constraints drive us to dedicate our efforts in developing industry compatible paints with no compromise on colour effects. We are structured to develop multi-technologies paints in combination with various application systems.

As part of the larger NIPSEA Group, NPAC benefits from over 140 years of global design experience. Colour development involves creative stylists (Design Log (D-LOG) team) and chemists. Our strength is combining creativity and scientific expertise to bring industrial successes that enhance OEM brands.

Our CHALLENGE: Lack of Global Alignment

Since global requirements are not aligned, it is necessary to adapt each paint to local customer requirements and end-user needs.


Our SOLUTION: Design Log (D-LOG)

NPAC’s Design Log team is at the core of our colour designs, bringing their expertise in a number of areas: 

Trend analysis – multi-segment markets

We work from various angles to collect information such as market trends and forecasts and accurately organise the data to determine the direction of new designs.

Automotive market analysis

We collect data from the global automotive market. Then, perform analysis on the past and actual trends that allow us to forecast future trends.

Pigment approbation

Pigments used in our paints are outdoor weatherability evaluated prior to their usage. It ensures we supply colours that will last forever, as originally intended.

Colour shows and colour proposal

Colour shows, and colour proposals are tools to link the global trends analysis together with our industrial expertise to present future colours for the automotive industry. Each year a new concept is declared in colour themes, selected to reflect the society’s mood.

It is a comprehensive tool from which each automotive designer can take inspiration.

Every OEM brand can reflect itself and select colours to highlight its range of vehicles.

design log

R&D leading to the next generation - developing new paints for eco-friendly cars

Reducing our environmental footprint

Giving rise to the significant challenge of reducing carbon emissions on the road and the environmental footprint of the car manufacturing process, we are working to reduce the environmental footprint of the automotive painting process. By developing paints and coatings that require shorter drying times at lower temperatures and minimising the number of volatile solvents (VOC), heavy metal, and other toxic chemical substances in paint, NPAC is leading the way in eco-friendlier paint development.

NPAC constantly works to improve manufacturing, to provide safe and high-quality products and services as an automotive coatings manufacturer with many advanced technologies. We are developing environmentally friendly products in line with the tighter environmental regulations of many countries to create a sustainable society. NPAC is building on its globally integrated platform to accelerate the development of products that can meet the needs of society. To accomplish this goal, we are making substantial capital investments in Japan and overseas, including investments for the development of water-based paint and coatings that reduce CO2 emissions in the painting process. We are also taking many actions for success in the era of Connected, Autonomous, Shared, and Electric (CASE) mobility.

With about 5,800 employees worldwide, NPAC will strengthen governance and human resource development activities to develop and manufacture high-quality products in countries with different cultures and business environments. We will encourage and inspire each other to aim for technological innovation based on mutual respect and strong lines of communication among ourselves regardless of country or region. We are determined to become the leading company in the automotive coatings industry as the most trusted partner for our customers.

reducing our environmental footprint

Delivering Japanese and German-made technology to the world

In the course of meeting the exacting quality standards of Japanese and German automakers, we at NPAC have accumulated technology and knowledge that we believe translates into a significant strength in the global market. Today we are expanding our production bases worldwide and building a structure for offering a stable supply of high-quality paint in a broad range of countries and regions. Moving forward, we hope to further reinforce our network and research capabilities and develop paint that satisfies the diverse needs of customers across the globe.

Paint for plastic parts

Lightweight plastic is used not just for bumpers but also for other automotive parts in response to needs such as reducing vehicle weight and expanding design possibilities. With plastic bumpers, a primer is first applied to improve the adhesion of the paint to the product, and then basecoat and clearcoat for colour and lustre. We are also designing paints tailored to the material and use of various components other than bumpers.