Preparation and Protection

Primer is applied in OEM coatings on the E-coat and before the Basecoat and the Clearcoat. The function of the Primer is to prepare the E-coat surface for the top coat. Basic requirements of the Primer are to cover the structure of substrate and the layering below, give protection against UV light to the E-coat. Beside this, the mechanical properties are of high interest to protect any structural damage of the E-coat.

To achieve good appearance the Primer has been sanded in prior to application. To increase efficiency in the paint shops the Primer has been redesigned to achieve an overall good appearance without sanding.

As the Primer impacts the colour location of the top coat the Primer shades, dark grey (anthracite), middle grey and old white, are available. Typical Primer is applied with a coating thickness of 35-40 µm and cured at temperatures of 165°C to achieve final crosslinking density to fulfill the OEM needs.

Based on the latest OEM trends to decrease the VOC level of the paints in general and energy consumption during the curing process, reformulation of the resin design has been carried out to achieve more environmentally-friendly Primer that give comparable properties. A new Primer generation called Thin Film Primer has been developed and can achieve the full spectra of properties…

…with a film thickness of only 20-25 µm.

This means mechanical and UV protection are given at a significantly reduced film thickness, without impacting film leveling.