Nippon Paint Automotive Coatings

"As a leading innovative automotive painting company we bring creativity to paint"

Part of the Nippon Paint Group, which was created over 140 years ago, NPAC was established in February 1971 and is a leading global paint manufacturer that handles in-house all automotive coatings, from electrodeposition paint (E-coat), primer, and basecoat/clearcoat for the auto body to paint for plastic bumpers and interior parts. With a diverse and highly passionate workforce of 38,000 within the corporation and 5,800 automotive specialists, we draw on our knowledge of the overall automotive painting process and our wealth of coating expertise; we have created a system that maximises the properties of each coat and paint film while creating synergy.

With five sites across Europe and links to our global partners, we are in a strong position to support the European and global markets around the world. We understand the local needs of our customers in every community. Each company embraces diversity and operates together, creating a strong and unified global presence.

Coating Solutions

Steel plate and aluminium materials are widely used in the auto body. The surface is treated with a chemical conversion coating before the painting process. Several coats are then applied in order…



The E-coat is an undercoat used for automotive OEMs, developed for anti-corrosion protection and appearance improvement.



Primer is applied to the E-coat before the basecoat and clearcoat, preparing the E-coat surface for the finished topcoat result.



The basecoat brings colour to the complete paint system. Common basecoats are solvent-based, water-based and now primerless.



This is the final layer of the automotive coating. The clearcoat paint gives the car’s body and plastic parts the final gloss appearance.

plastic coatings

Plastic Coating

NPAC offers a full range of automotive OEM paint coatings for integrated plastic parts, including Polypropylene and ABS.

interior coating

Interior Coating

NPAC offers a full range of interior painting solutions for all requirements to ensure the same high-quality finish that our customers expect.

Maximum Performance

We design each coat with the utmost care, taking into account the effect of one on another in the painting process and ensuring that the final multi-layer paint film achieves maximum performance.

Paint for plastic parts

Lightweight plastic is not just used for bumpers. It is also used for other automotive parts in response to needs, such as reducing vehicle weight and extending design possibilities.

With plastic bumpers, a primer is first applied to improve the adhesion of the paint to the product, and then basecoat and clearcoat for colour and lustre. We are also designing paints tailored to the material and use of various components other than bumpers.

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nippon paint automotive coatings

Enhancing Driver Experience

Cars are not only a mode of transportation but also a vital item for enriching our lifestyle. We seek to enhance the car’s value through paint and paint film and deliver fresh delight to the driver.

Solutions for enhancing vehicle value

One of our major initiatives in this area is the development of Premium Colour products based on in-house research and our proprietary expertise.

Cars featuring Premium Colour are proving popular for the added value provided by innovative colour designs, addressing driver preferences, trends, and owner satisfaction.