The Final Layer

Clearcoat is the final layer of the automotive coating process. The clearcoat paint gives a final gloss and final appearance to the whole car body and plastic parts. The technology is comprised of one or two components, a crosslinked polymer network based on acrylic / polyester / melamine / polyurethane resins. The application is carried out using robots and an electrostatic spray process. Final properties are obtained after an oven cure process at 140°c.


Appearance / Gloss / Effect

A number of effects can be applied to the Clearcoat to deliver differing final appearances. 

high gloss

High Gloss

High surface levelling, optimised refractive index

high chroma

High Chroma

Tinted CC with transparent pigmentation

sparkling effect

Sparkling Effect

Integration of glassflakes particles (NPAC patented)

matte effect

Matte Effect

Levelling monitoring to reduce gloss while keeping a smooth surface

3d effect

3D Effect

Integration of specific polymeric particles to reduce gloss and create a textured finish (NPAC patented)

Glass Flake

glass flake

Three Main Functions


The Clearcoat’s Polymeric network is specifically designed to ensure high chemical / scratch resistance.

Key points:

  • Covalent bonding
  • High crosslinking density
  • Balance hardness / flexibility
  • Reflow potential
Environmental attacks
Chemicals / service products


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    Car Wash
    Polymeric network and surface tension modifiers system is set to give long-lasting CC films

    Key points:

    • Surface energy (hydrophobicity)
    • UV absorber and anti free radicals technologies
    • Durable polymers
    • Anti-oxidation stabiliser