Innovation is in our DNA

Over 140 Years of Automotive Innovation

NPAC has been a major player in the automotive paint industry for more than 140 years and has introduced or participated in all of the major technology revolutions in this field. It is no surprise that NPAC is among the leading companies that supply the automotive OEM market and continue to innovate for a better, safer and more sustainable future.

Our Innovation Pillars

innovation core r&d

Core R&D

car innovation


Product Development

All three pillars of our paint design are founded on a strong chemistry knowledge, a complete understanding of colour design and practical expertise in the painting processes. NPAC has five main products that participate to the automotive paint film, namely:

Our technological approach to each challenge faced by our experienced professionals, from lab to technical service, on customer sites brings confidence and results, which leads to a strong professional partnership with each of our customers. We have one goal, to serve our customers with quality, reactivity, solutions and service.

Colour Development

Car metallic paint samples, stand with examples of glowing colors coating for different vehicles, bronze, brown, orange, purple, green, blue, azure, red variations of transport bodywork surface



High Chroma